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Quality programming combined with the motivation of being in a large group training session: the best of both worlds. More fun than any fitness training and more effective than traditional classes at your local gym, Forward Thinking Fitness training combines the personal attention of dedicated trainers with the support of our awesome member community, all in one session throughout the Lehigh Valley. Team Fitness Training exercises are offered at various set times throughout the day in different formats.

Every group fitness sessions begins with movement preparation in a dynamic warm-up, and ends with a foam rolling session. You can leave here within 45 minutes and have peace of mind knowing you had an effective workout. Up to 25 people in a team training session allows for our members to take advantage of our expert personal training staff to improve functional strength and boost your metabolism. Registration through our mobile app is required in order for us to structure the setup of the circuits to match the fitness levels and number of members coming in here to get better together! Even better? Unlimited Team Training is included in all of our membership tiers! So if you want to experience engaging team building workouts, this is the program for you.

You can view our schedule for these sessions here.

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The ultimate workout approach to fat loss. Most women miss the strength training aspect of working out, and most men fail to incorporate cardio. Burn fixes both of these missing links by featuring a systematic mix of cardiovascular and resistance training that is sure to be a challenge to any fitness level. Burn up to 1000 calories per training session (measured through our heart rate monitor system.) That’s not all… benefit from a higher metabolic rate for 36 hours after the session is over!
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You can’t reach your goals without a solid foundation. In this session format, we establish proper movement patterns and develop a base for your future sessions featuring greater complexities. A challenging full-body training program that specifically caters to beginners to avoid injury and burnout – guaranteeing their path to success!


Want to get stronger, slimmer and more athletic? Develop more strength without the bulk in this training session format. We combine old-school equipment with new science to provide you with the quickest path to optimal strength and conditioning.
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There is always a method to our madness. Your all-in-one session for a quick cardiovascular workout and active recovery. Push the Pace in this Team Training session with “the hardest workout on Earth” in a tabata protocol. Finish up our session with mobility work to increase your range of motion, decrease soreness, and improve posture.


Recovery Functional Yoga. Time to refuel your body by centering your breath and body. Align the physical and mental capacities by practicing stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time. Props are used to extend the length of your poses. It’s time to be still, quiet your mind, breathe, and challenge yourself in a new way. ReCharge your mind and body for the upcoming stress you will encounter.


Power Functional Yoga. Focus on building internal heat, increasing stamina, strength, and flexibility. Reduce stress with intense flowing patterns and teaching breath awareness paired with each movement to increase power from the ground up in each pose. Leave BeWell feeling stronger than when you came in!

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