Nutritional Counseling

Arguably the most important piece of the puzzle is something we are proud to provide.

Personalized Results

Exercise is one of the four pillars to your success, and nutritional counseling is another. We take time to get to know our clients and help break down unique barriers preventing you from crushing goals. While we see you a few hours a week, here are another 160+ hours for you to sabotage your progress outside of the gym. Nutrition is just as complex as exercise, if not more-so-even with all of the information right at your fingertips.


So How Do We Fix That?

Using practical tools to facilitate REAL lifestyle changes for clients through successful intervention strategies and current scientific research. While being educated on nutrition is important, we find that goal-setting and accountability are a larger portion of your success. With most of our memberships including Nutritional Counseling as a part of the program, you get the benefit of all these great perks:

Weekly One-On-One Meetings

Unlimited Meal Planning

24/7 Support Group Access

Interactive Seminars

Food Sensitivity Genetic Testing

Push the Pace Supplement Discounts


Don’t Need That Much Help?

Maybe you have a handle on everything. That is totally cool. We want to help you as much as you need, so we have some alternative options without a monthly commitment to a program.

Customized Meal Plan

This will give you a structure tailored to your lifestyle and food preferences for every day of the week. It will tell you how much and what to eat. Includes an exchange list to allow for a great deal of variety.

Grocery Store Tours

Ever wondered what exactly you should be looking for to make healthier and cost-effective purchases? And what organic products are worth paying a little extra for? Meeting at your grocery store of choice, we will go through the isles and answer all your questions.

Body Composition Analysis

We take a session with our InBody Unit to provide a detailed breakdown of the ratio of your lean tissue compared to body fat mass, visceral fat and most importantly, discuss options to improve results for next analysis.