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We know that spending time with yourself can be challenging. We get wrapped up in work, family, and other responsibilities that consistently challenge our abilities to focus on our health. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore! Our goal from the start has always been to change the way you approach your health. The partnership between WePrep Meals and Forward Thinking Fitness was started to change the game … again. We are now offering our Lean Down Line exclusively for all of our valued clients.

This line of food has been specifically designed to help all of FTF Nation streamline their weight loss. Healthy food that is cooked for you AND tastes great! No cleanup. No long hours on Sunday over a hot stove. Just good eats! We are proud to have created such a special product for all of you, and we sincerely hope you enjoy it. If you have been stuck because you have been eating less than optimal with your training regimen at FTF, we are hopeful this will be the answer to help give you that edge you need to keep seeing great progress.

What’s so great about our Lean Down Line?

No Added Hormones
No Antibiotics
High Protein Meals
High Fiber Meals

Additionally – we have a Gluten Free Lean Down Line available for those with this allergy! Every meal comes with nutrition facts labels for calories, protein, carbs and fats also we have added all our meals. You’ll always know exactly what you’re getting.

Order whatever meal plan fits your lifestyle:

  • 7 meals – You have time to cook once or twice a day, but you need that one meal to help you during your busy time of day.

  • 14 meals – We are taking care of two meals per day – so all you have to do is worry about making one yourself!

  • 21 meals – We’re leading the way to your weight loss. No cooking. No prepping. No excuses. Just results!

Order meals by Friday at midnight for delivery to FTF by Monday at 6 pm!

Clients Can Order Exclusive Meals Here!

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