Congratulations on receiving this sweet opportunity from one of our awesome Lehigh Valley local business partners! You have been given a Kickstart Trial to the personal training center of the future, located right here in Allentown!!

Once you set up your appointment below, we’ll dive in deep in the weeds together to completely customize your two week trial. We need to take into account your health history, goals, schedule, and other factors to help us personalize this experience for you! If we’re not assessing, we’re just guessing … and we don’t do guesswork around here.

During our first appointment, we’ll pick a day for you to begin your Kickstart Trial with us. Once you successfully complete 7 Small Group or Semi Private workouts within that 14-day window, you’re going to get a cool $50 gift card back to the business that gave you your voucher! How sweet is that?!

No strings attached here, friend. Just small businesses supporting small businesses. Get scheduled below and let’s get moving! Please remember to bring in the physical voucher you have to redeem your trial. Without it, we cannot honor the promotion opportunity.

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