Small Group Training

Amplify your workout with bumpin’ beats, show-stopping lights, and the concert-like experience no one in the world can match.

Full Body Workouts

Our Small Group Training format is a personalized alternative to the volume-driven group workout facilities in the Lehigh Valley. These full-body workouts are tracked with our heart rate monitor system to maximize your time and backed by straight-up science. Get the motivation and accountability you are looking for in sessions filled with high energy and high fives.

Full Body Workouts

Rock Your Workout

Have you ever been to a concert? Your favorite tunes. The flashing lights. The incredible sound. The amplified energy. The beer. The pizza the size of your head.

We take that same experience and make your workouts absolutely fly by with our experience that is synced from music to your heart rate to the color of our zone training. It’s an experience like no other … minus the beer and pizza. BYOB.