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So what – your doctor just said you’re overweight. Maybe they told you that you are even obese. All based on your BMI, you have been labeled and your doctor has said you need to do something about it. The doctor doesn’t really think about it, as we all don’t, but being overweight is not only affecting your life, but also the entire nation’s life.

You may think that this health condition is only your problem, but surprisingly, it affects the rest of the nation in ways you would never imagine. The cost of obesity is weighing heavy on healthcare professionals minds, as the rise in care expenses is rippling through an epidemic that is becoming more normal than not for our society. Some staggering statistics from medical journals and independent news outlets have even shed some light on the situation to expose expenses to other industries that we don’t even think about. Obesity affects our hospitals, small businesses, airlines, and even our overall productivity as Americans. This easily avoidable health condition should not be changing our ability to function, but the inevitable fact is that obesity is hurting our economic growth and taking away from our limited natural resources. That’s why our experts recommended all those to visit gym in Allentown and do exercises for loose weight.

Here are five facts that will shock you that are related to the cost to being overweight:

1. Employers lost $164 billion dollars in 2015 from obesity-related health concerns.
2. Cars are burning 928 million gallons of gas per year more than in 1960 from the increase in Americans waistlines. This adds $3.4 billion to the cost of gas, all other variables considered.
3. $190 billion has been added to medical costs coming from obesity-related health conditions.
4. Medicare, Medicaid, and healthcare system spending on obesity is now at $128 billion annually.
5. The projected economic productivity loss from obesity in 2030 is expected to reach $580 billion with the correlated projected increase in obesity across the country.

Being overweight or obese isn’t something to be taken lightly. It can, and will, shorten your lifespan. The things you want to enjoy as you retire and have more time won’t be there. The opportunities to live a long, independent life will become less as you age. Don’t wait to take action. There isn’t going to be a perfect time to start something. We know as health professionals that yesterday was the best time to start, so you might as well do it now. Schedule a free Discovery Session with us to see if you are in danger of health problems from obesity, and we will tell you how to fix that risk.

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