1. Are your memberships long-term contracts?

No. None of our memberships have long-term commitments attached. We want you to join our place on your terms and continue to earn your support each and every month.

2. Do you do crossfit?

Absolutely not. We are a personal training center. Comparing personal training to crossfit is like comparing a medical doctor to a hand reader. We use science to back all of our programming and assessments to see results for our clients.

3. I want to suspend my membership for medical purposes or for personal reasons. How do I get that started?

Life happens. If you’re in a temporary spot, you can suspend your membership for medical purposes for up to 90 days. Our personal suspension is good for up to 30 days. You can suspend your membership with a 7-day notice at any point in time by using this link provided.

4. I unfortunately need to cancel my membership for now. What does that process look like?

We are really sorry to hear this, but we understand that life happens. Under the obligations through your membership, you will need to provide a 30-day cancellation notice by using this link provided.

5. I need to adjust my membership to a different tier/level. Can you please help?

Absolutely! One of the best things about our memberships is the ability to change from tier to tier without any penalty. All you have to do is provide a 7-day notice by using this link provided.

6. I would like to order from your healthy, done-for-you meals – the Lean Down Line.

Not a problem! As long as you are a client, you will be given the access code to order meals. Visit this link here and follow the procedure detailed in our private support group.

7. I would like to schedule my Client Level Testing. Where do I go for that?

Our Client Level Testing is the best way to find out how you are making strides in strength, endurance, and functional movement! Schedule your test with our Training Director here. www.calendly.com/pushthepace/level

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