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Not getting the results you want? Time to up your game! Try something new… Kettlebells. When used correctly they can offer a complete strength training, balance and cardiovascular workout for both men and women:

  1. Shorter Workouts…Cut workout time in half. Accomplish the same results or better by using kettlebells, because of the intensity of the workout. Kettlebell exercises differ from other strength training exercises, as they are usually performed in a standing position, one limb at a time, and performed explosively. Do this exercise with Allentown PA gyms and make your self healthy and stronger.
  2. Lose Fat Effectively. As kettlebells are harder to use than dumbells and barbells, you will be forced to push yourself in order to control them, thereby burning more fat efficiently, using the same amount of weight.
  3. Get a Full Body Workout. Most kettlebell exercises are performed while standing, creating a strong core emphasis, as you will have to use your deep abdominal muscles to stabilize your torso and keep yourself upright. When you perform a move like a snatch, literally every single muscle is engaged and has to work to stabilize the weight.
  4. Great Cardio Workout. Many kettlebell exercises are done with your arms in an overhead position; therefore the muscles responsible for assisting in the breathing process are engaged in muscular activity, and not in the respiratory process, forcing muscles most responsible for breathing to play a larger role in cardiovascular fitness.

    Metabolic Conditioning – perform workouts that serve as both your Strength and Cardio Workouts!

  5. You’ll love it! We all know if you don’t enjoy the workout, you’re likely to throw in the towel. Kettlebells are both fun and challenging, so you won’t get bored and you’ll get better results. Additionally, with the kettlebell movements, you won’t experience the same muscle-bound feeling and tightness you get from traditional weight training programs which is taken by gyms in Allentown PA.

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